Merlin Season 4 Finale, two parts, Drinking GAAAAAAYME

Established pre-viewing, and not altered, so as to keep spoilers unspoiled.


  • When Morgana sneaks up on someone
  • When someone sneaks up on Morgana
  • Gay porn (ex. when Merlin gets all up in Arthur’s business for no explicable reason; when the knights are bromancin’)
  • When Old Merlin shows up
  • When some mentions Emrys


  • If Merlin comes out (as magic/gay/samethingreally/let’sbehonest)


We briefly considered adding something about “when Gwen is being tragic,” but considering the rest of the show, we thought that might be suicide.

College Horchata

Alternate Title: Super Fake, but Super Delicious

For One Glass:

1 rounded tbsp Trader Joe’s Cocoa Almond Spread

2 tbsp sugar, or to taste

1 tsp cinnamon, or to taste

approx. 1 cup rice milk, divided


With a small pot over low heat, use a spoon to drop your glop of Cocoa Almond Spread into the pot. Add a dash of rice milk, and your sugar and cinnamon, and stir stir stir with your spoon until it appears to be a chocolatey syrup. Remove from heat, and pour in the rest of your rice milk. Serve over ice, in a glass.