Cool Story, Bro

True fact: if you are on a budget and use foaming hand soap, buy the regular hand soap.  Fill your empty soap dispenser about 1/5 full of the regular liquid soap.  Fill the rest with water, leaving room at the top for the gigantic pump.  Screw the pump on.  Gently swirl (it will foam quickly if agitated).  Use.

If you wait overnight, the soap have passively well-distributed itself and it will look like normal foaming soap fluid.

Viola!  You have saved yourself the wasted time, money, and effort of replacing an entire soap dispenser.

On the flip side; foaming hand soap now feels like a dirty, dirty con.  Like ice in soda.  You know what Germany did about that?  They have lines on their glasses that your soda has to be filled to, and they tend to grudgingly hand you a second glass with ice in it.  (If I could find a dang picture, I would show you.)


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