That Hair Thing

I have read about “no-poo,” meaning choosing to not use shampoo.  It is articulated better, and with more pictures here. And, since my boyfriend is briefly out of town, I figured this would be a good time to try it out.  My niggling suspicion that it would be fine is that I tend to not wash the hair at the lower back of my head as well as the top and it’s actually nice and soft and not greasy at all.  I also imagine it smells like a kitten’s belly.

The extremely short term analysis is “yup, it’s fine; that’s hair,” and also “yay my scalp doesn’t feel itchy and grossly flaky.”  Which it does and has been doing more this past month (and of course my initial response was to scrub the shit out of it with more abrasive shampoo).

I will say that it’s definitely not that you stop cleaning, your just shift your focus from foaming up product to only intense scrubbing under very warm water, trying to basically work out anything dirt-like manually.  It’s kind of rewarding.  And then I use Dr.Bronners to make my flesh smell of lovely peppermint.  YEAH.  TMI!


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