Sherlock Drinking Game

Drink when:

  • Watson gets cockblocked
  • Sherlock and Watson get cockblocked
  • Sherlock cockblocks Watson
  • Sherlock and Watson get called a couple (drink again if Watson doesn’t deny)
  • Mycroft gets burned
  • Sherlock abuses Ms. Hudson
  • Sherlock breaks a soul
  • Sherlock calls everyone else stupid
  • Sherlock fails at people things
  • Sherlock uses Watson as bait/test dummy
  • Someone comments on Sherlock’s cheekbones
  • Drugs
  • Moriarty laughs
  • Sherlock and Mycroft pissing contest
  • If they use a black cab
  • They’re sitting at a restaurant and Watson is eating and Sherlock is not (2x if Sherlock DOES eat)
  • Lestrade state the obvious
  • Sherlock makes Lestrade look like an idiot

Finish your drink if:

  • Sherlock and Watson kiss (you must also CHEER, pause, rewind, and watch the moment on loop until everyone finishes their drinks)

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