The thing about Winter Break away from friends and boyfriend is that though I am with my parents, I assure you there are few reasons I want to get up.  I don’t have video games to carve out slots of time for, there’s no schedule, there’s no cuddling.  There’s hardly decent conversation.

Am I depressed?  Maybe a touch.  In a downswing?  Definitely.  Am I wasting a lot of time playing Habitarium on Neopets?  Gods yes.  (But oh man, when my little bugs die of old age, I get to harvest what I call “corpse crystals,” which are worth 150 XP!)

I could post to Facebook how I miss people to the people I miss, but I’m pretty sure they know that already.  I know Cal knows, as I only text him a few times a day (read: not enough, but I don’t have anything new to say.  I’m stuck on “OMGIMISSYOUSOMUCHMORECUDDLESPLEASE.”  Over and over.

I check other people’s blogs, etc. but they haven’t been updating as much as I crave for new input and mental stimulation.  I could try reading a book while I’m here, but I don’t see any I particularly want to start up.  I’m more in the mood for audiobooks or something.  So I can drift away to sleep without having my face fall into a paperback.

I also want to time-travel to the future (I always add the caveat of gaining and retaining all knowledge that would have been generated in the time not experienced, to no ill effect).  Then I could be with my lovey in a different place (Scotland? Maybe? If we can swing it?), maybe with out adopted child/ren as sensibility allows, have a job that better be enjoyable, things like that.  My dreams.  The ones that sound nice and in a very narrow way could feasibly happen, but I know that there is a lot of work to get there and a strong tendency for things to turn out entirely as they were not planned.  Doesn’t mean poorly.  Just means that extrapolating only goes so far, as any statistician can tell you.

But oh man.  My sleep schedule is whacked, and I just spent 40 minutes clearing out my inbox.  BORED.  Remind me to never come here for vacations longer than three days.  Or not to travel without Cal to accompany me, as he makes a week go quick AND fills it with interesting side-travels and delicious foods.

Good news?  I have a rough idea for a possibly tasty baked apple recipe.  Bad news?  Our refrigerator is so full of holiday food that I both don’t want to cook and have no room to store it besides.

Hey!  I just leveled in Habitarium.  *accomplishment*


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