All I Want to Do…

I have developed an excellent idea.

For my 21st birthday, I want…

1) To get each of my friends to take about $40 and exchange the bills for Sacagawea coins (they look like gold coins AND are legal tender)

2)Everyone takes a sack and puts their coins in it

3)We reserve a dinner place at a restaurant that serves decent meat/fish/alcohol under the party name “Riot”

4)We bring a roll of aluminum foil to the dinner

When we go to the restaurant, they will call “Riot, party of nine?” or whatever, and that will be our cue to walk normally to the table set up for us.  When they leave us to muse about our drink options, we pull out the aluminum foil and everyone crafts their own viking hat, preferably with horns.  When the staff comes back, we order alcoholic beverages for those it is legal for, including myself, and request that every drink comes in a glass mug.

Everyone orders meat, fish, or soup.  No salad pansies!  If you’re a vegetarian… umm… I hope the soup is vegetarian.  If you’re vegan, I doubt you go to restaurants.  A toast is made, and everyone clanks their mugs.  Eat with gusto, and have a good time.  Try to not totally annoy all of the other diners.

Pay for your meal in coins.  We leave the sacks in a pile in the middle of the table with gratuity and probably a little extra tip left in stacks around the sacks.  We do not wait for processing.  The point of the cash payment is so that we don’t wait for card processing.

We storm out happily with our tin foil hats!

We imagine the faces on the staff when they get to count out and fill their registers with golden coins!


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