My Blog Begins

As I sit here, my boyfriend is playing Skyrim (my turn is next), and I am full of Thanksgiving leftovers.  I have a modicum of homework to finish for Monday, and I am clearly procrastinating on that front.

I made a new recipe yesterday, and am pretty proud of it, as I didn’t make so nearly a tasty version of it the first time.  The second time was easier partly because I was using things that were prepackaged.  Another plus was that I understood the green beans.  Sounds weird, but I cannot cook things as well until I understand the parts that make it up and what they need.  Then I can put ingredients together any which way and it will end up cooked, at least, and tasty at best.

I also don’t normally write my recipes down, as they are often created out of whatever leftovers are available.  College cooking!


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